Golf is a very challenging game. Our mission at Complete Player Golf is to help make the game a little easier and a lot less frustrating by helping you develop a complete approach.

We are an online golf academy for golfers who love playing golf. Our complete approach to the game combined with our focus on learning and results will help you discover your golf potential.

“Our mission is to help you play your best golf  by becoming a complete player”

Professional golfers have numerous coaches and support to help them extract their best golf. It’s not uncommon for a Pro to have a swing coach, sports psychologist, personal trainer, nutritionist, equipment representative plus a Caddy.

Unfortunately, we can’t all have an entourage of personal coaches like an elite PGA Tour Pro. That’s why we combine our expertise and knowledge to provide professional and affordable coaching for all golfers…


Liam Warburton is a Peak Performance & leading Mental Game Coach. He is the co-author of the golf program Think Well Play Great and helps golfers shoot lower scores with a scientific approach. Liam enjoys playing on scenic courses and hearing about the success stories of his students.



Nick Cullen
Nick Cullen is a Tour Professional with three professional wins (including the 2014 Australian Masters) and currently plays on the Australasian, and European Tour. Nick is a co-author of Think Well Play Great and is known for his impressive short game.




Josie Gale is an avid golfer, club champion and ex-state player. She is passionate about growing the game and helping golfers play better and more enjoyable golf.




Is your mental game damaging your scorecard? Find out in our Mental Game Quiz…


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