Best Way to Improve Golf Game – Determination

Best way to improve golf game

The best way to improve your golf is to become a complete player. A complete player is a golfer who has considered and strengthened the 5 essential elements of the game so that they have a complete approach.

However before you begin to make any changes, there is one thing you need to do that will ensure your golf improves. This one little change is often overlooked but is the best way to improve and shoot lower scores.

Every successful athlete in life possesses this trait that triumphs skill, physical limitations and knowledge

This trait is determination. A golfer who is determined to improve will find ways to get better and will do the things that are necessary to experience lower scores. There are many golfers who want to improve but lack the determination to persist and take action to overcome the many challenges of the game. The most successful golfers are the players that want to improve the most. They are players that are hungry for success and who take focused action.

If you play golf just for fun then your score shouldn’t be your only focus. Unless you are practicing regularly and making a focused effort to improve, try to relax and focus on other enjoyable aspects of the game

 Best Way to Improve Golf Game – Determination

The mental shift that occurs when you become more determined to improve creates the fuel that carries you to lower scores. A bad round or mini slump no longer defeats you and you persevere because you know that you will soon be rewarded with better golf.

Some of the changes that occur when you become determined to improve are:

  • Your shoulds turn into musts. For example, “I should practice this week” becomes, “I must practice this week”
  • You grind out a round and try to save every shot no matter how difficult your day has been
  • You arrive at least 30 mins before your round to warm up and prepare for your round
  • You make time to improve, whether it be swinging for 10 minutes at home in front of a mirror or going to your club for an hour of short game practice
  • You invest in your skills with a coach ( Technical, Mental etc)

When you truly are determined to play better golf, the actions you take naturally support lower scores. However, like any goal, improvement needs to be defined and measured.


Now that you are more determined to improve your game, decide what your improvement would look like. This should be something precise that allows you to measure your progress. There is no point in saying, “I want to improve my golf” if you don’t define what success is, otherwise you will never know when you have improved. For example, if your handicap is 15 then make a determined effort to reach single figures.


Now that you know what you want to achieve and are determined to experience it, it is time to form an improvement plan. Determine where you need to focus your efforts then form an improvement plan. Schedule the times when you can practice or decide what actions you will take that will help you improve. Even if you are a busy weekend golfer there are no excuses for not finding 3 X 10 minutes practice sessions during the week. Remember, if you are truly determined to play better golf then you will find a way…



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