the most common Golf swing mistakes

Golf swing mistakes

What is the worst golf swing mistake? To give you a hint, it results from too many swing changes. If you make constant swing changes it creates too many swing thoughts, which makes the game frustrating and unpredictable for most golfers. Many players treat the problems of their game by constantly tinkering with their technique…. Read More »

Common Golf mental game mistakes

Golf mental game mistakes cost players unwanted strokes but can be easier to correct than a players swing.

All shots first begin in the mind.  A player’s thoughts can have a strong influence on their swing and the scores they achieve. Your mental game either helps your body make a good swing or it creates interference that causes errant shots and big numbers. Below are the three most common mental game mistakes made… Read More »

How to play more consistent golf – THE EASY WAY

How to play more consistent golf

Most golfers ask us how to play more consistent golf each week. This is because consistency is an important part of the game of golf that enables all players to shoot lower scores. When looking at winners on the PGA Tour you will notice that their consistently in several key statistics helped them win. Take… Read More »

Best Way to Improve Golf Game – Determination

Best way to improve golf game

The best way to improve your golf is to become a complete player. A complete player is a golfer who has considered and strengthened the 5 essential elements of the game so that they have a complete approach. However before you begin to make any changes, there is one thing you need to do that… Read More »

Essential Driving Range Tips

Practice is important for all golfers who want to develop their skills and play better golf. However many golfers become frustrated after they hit the ball well on the driving range and then are unable to take their swing to the course. Are you a golfer who performs better on the range than on the… Read More »

How to play better golf – The Complete Approach

How to play better golf

Almost all golfers ask how to play better golf since the game is a constant challenge. At times the journey is enjoyable and at other times it can be difficult and frustrating. Many amateur golfers are predominately focused on their swing or equipment and often blame one or the other if they don’t play well…. Read More »