Make 2016 your best golf year!

Want to make 2016 your best golf year?

For many of us, the end of the year means holidays and more time to play golf.

So the best time to prepare for better golf and the year ahead is now! 

My name is Liam Warburton and i’m a golf psychologist, author and golf strategy coach and I want to help you make 2016 the year that you play your best golf!

All improvement requires 3 main ingredients: Analysis, Planning and Action.

If you turn up to the golf course each week without reviewing your last round, forming a game plan, or implementing focused practice then you will rarely see the improvement you want.

Golf will continue be a struggle and you will be missing out on an easy way to improve your game.


Analysis: There are valuable lessons in each round that will help you become a better player. Have you rated your game to see what elements are preventing you from improving? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Do you know where you are losing shots each round?

Planning: A plan consists of knowing what holes suit your game and what holes require some caution. This will help you determine your club selection and your approach to each hole. Planning also involves deciding what you will practice and when you can do it.

Action: Action is the key ingredient that will see you shoot lower scores. With a good plan, action becomes easier. You will know what to work and how to prepare for a good round. Then simply follow the plan and do the practice sessions to get results.


As an end of year special I am dedicating time to help golfers make 2016 their best golf year with 1-on-1 improvement consultations.

In each session I will work with you by phone or Skype and we will analyse your game and develop an improvement plan for 2016.

Each lesson lasts for 40 minutes plus pre-consultation discussion and preparation.

The lesson includes:

  • Analysis of your game and rating it against the 5 elements of golf
  • Developing a weekly practice schedule that considers your time constraints
  • Tips and strategies to help you play your best golf
  • Specialised post round analysis document   
  • Coaching on any major issue you are having with your game

These sessions are limited but have been made accessible to all golfers with the end of year special prices.

If you want to give your golf game a gift and make 2016 your best golf year then book your spot while places are still available…


 1 x 40 minute lesson
(Was $70 – Now $39)
save $31


2 x 40 minute lessons
(Was $140 – Now $78)
save $62

Plus as a bonus receive 1 week of free support with the App ‘Edufii’ where you can privately collaborate, send pictures and ask questions with Liam


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