Golf Mental Game Preparation Made Easy

Golf Mental Game Preparation

If you care about your score even just a little bit then you should be doing some sort of golf mental game preparation before each round.

Your mind, just like your body needs to be warmed up to help you play your best golf.

Would you go to the first tee without doing a few stretches or taking a some practice swings?

Hopefully, the answer is ‘NO’! (otherwise, your first few holes become your warm-up and we all know what happens then)

To be ready for a great round you need to perform a few mental game warm-up exercises. This will ensure you have the mental state required to handle the challenges of golf.

When you perform golf mental game preparation:

  • You improve your focus
  • You have less technical thoughts
  • You feel more confident
  • You become programmed for success
  • You know what to focus on

The good news is that this doesn’t take long! In fact, if you know what to do, it can take as little as 3 minutes…

As a Golf Mental Game Coach, I have been teaching golfers how to mentally prepare for a round with 1-on-1 lessons.  However by demand, I have been asked to create a summarised version of this lesson that contains all the essential steps that can be read before you play…

Introducing: The 3 Minute Mental Game Warm-Up3MMGW

Mentally prepare for a great round in as little as 3 minutes

This lesson was specially made for golfers who:

  • Lack focus
  • Have no routine or structure
  • Experience disruptive emotional states
  • Have too many swing thoughts
  • Feel unprepared for their round

The 3 Minute Mental Game Warm-up PDF is quick and easy to read and includes a game day summary page.

It contains powerful and essential steps to help you mentally prepare for a great round in as little as 3 minutes!

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