3 Golf Mental Game tips (for keen golfers)

Golf Mental Game Tips

Golf Mental Game Tips (for keen golfers…)

The mental aspect of golf is a neglected but vital ingredient to your best golf.

Many golfers are unaware that their mental approach blocks their true potential and makes the game harder than it needs to be.

Mental interference can occur in many ways including: too many swing thoughts, the wrong focus, a negative attitude, the wrong emotional state and a lack of confidence.

This interrupts the communication between your mind and body and prevents you from swinging the club in the way you have learned.

You probably have noticed this, when your actual swing was nothing like your practice swing.

Try these 3 golf mental game tips to overcome mental interference:

1) Release all expectations:

We all love to score well, but the best way to do this is by focusing on the things that are within our control and by releasing expectations.

Expectations result in frustration and lowered confidence when they are not met. They serve a purpose and are there to help you become prepared for golf. It is important to set goals and program your mind with what you want to achieve.

However when it is time to play it is best to release all expectations about the score you want to shoot or how things should turn out.

Try to go to the first tee with a clear and open mind that is free from expectations. On the course use process goals that are within your control, such as your, pre-shot routine and focus.

“When you focus on the little things, the big things take care of themselves”

If things don’t go as planned, you will find it easier to accept the result and move on in a good emotional state without resistance.

By letting your process goals take care of the results you can avoid a score mind-set. Golf is then in your control and you will find that you play better and more enjoyable golf.

2) Program your mind:

An important part of your pre-shot routine is the programming stage. After you have analyzed a shot and gathered all the details it is time to program this information.

This is an important step that is often neglected by golfers but this is how your swing is communicated from your mind to your body.

You can program your swing by getting a clear picture and visualizing how you want the shot to turn out when you are behind the ball. Then Take some slow practice swings and focus on the feeling of one swing key such as: a slow takeaway or a balanced finish.

The next time you prepare for a shot, take an extra moment to program your mind and body. When you are ready to begin your swing, forget that the ball is there and focus on this feeling or picture.

3) Stay Positive:

Golf is a game that will constantly test you. You always have the choice of focusing on the positive or the negative.

To play your best and extract your golf potential, you need a positive attitude.

This may be common knowledge but take a moment the next time you play and listen to how many golfers have a negative attitude.

If you talk about all the shots you missed, complain or give yourself a hard time after every bad shot you are letting golf get the better of you.

A positive attitude can be developed by shifting the focus of your mind. Think about what you want to achieve, remember past successes, focusing on the parts of your game that are going well and talk about the good aspects of the day.

This kind of thinking helps to improve your mental and emotional state by reducing stress and tension. It also creates a more favorable physical condition for your body so that you can play your best…

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  • Michael

    Great tips, I will apply these on the weekend. The mental game is so important and I see many players who could benefit from this.