the most common Golf swing mistakes

Golf swing mistakes

What is the worst golf swing mistake? To give you a hint, it results from too many swing changes. If you make constant swing changes it creates too many swing thoughts, which makes the game frustrating and unpredictable for most golfers.

Many players treat the problems of their game by constantly tinkering with their technique. This is commonly witnessed when players make swing adjustments after every errant shot.

The truth is that the swing is just one of the 5 essential elements of the game. An improvement in any one of the 5 essential elements will help a golfer improve

Golf swing mistakes – Stop changing your swing each week

It doesn’t matter what your swing looks like. Every player has a different body and swing capabilities. All you should be concerned with are the basic fundamentals and your target. If you can get the ball from point A to point B more consistently you will take strokes off your score.

The players that never like the look of their swing and who are always tinkering with things get caught in the problem of paralysis by analysis. Golf great Johny Miller says that the problem with many professional players is that they achieve a certain amount of success in their game but then try to improve it. They think the only way to get better is to make more swing changes, however this only makes them take a fall into the ‘Grand Canyon’ and few players rarely come out of it.

Tiger Woods is a player that always searches for improvement. He has had seasons where he has won multiple majors in a year and then out of his desire for more success, made big swing changes the next season. This constant change can make it difficult to build a repetitive swing and can slow down progress or even derail success.

 Making constant swing changes is like trying to turn a large ship. It is going to take a while before anything happens

Keep the game simple

To play more consistent golf week in – week out the best thing you can do is select one swing key that will help you make a good swing. Your swing will then become comfortable and it will then allow you to focus more on your pre-shot process and target.

This will help prevent the paralyzing mental interference that many golfers experience by having too many swing keys over the ball. After that, the only things you should be working on are things like: tempo, alignment and setup.

To put these golf swing mistakes into car terminology, you don’t want to be rebuilding your engine every month. Sometimes all you need is a minor service and a quick clean

Use your Player Mind

‘The Player mind’ is what we call the part of the brain that is responsible for coordinating your body in athletic ways. When it’s engaged it helps you swing the club to the best of your ability.

However the problem is that it gets shut down when you become to technical. Many golfers have also never learned how to engage this important part of the brain that controls your swing. ‘The Player mind’ is the first essential mental game lesson from ‘Think Well Play Great’ (TRY IT FREE BELOW)

It is all about how to overcome the problems of swing changes and the paralysis that is caused by too many swing thoughts. This lesson will help you simplify the game and develop an approach that will make you a more consistent player.


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