Golfing tips for beginners

Golfing tips for beginners

These 3 golfing tips for beginners are brought to you by the team and are important fundamentals that will help you play better and more enjoyable golf.

Golfing tips for beginners

Golf tip#1:

Have A Complete Approach

A complete approach to the game is necessary for better golf since your mind body and equipment must all work together to play well. At Complete Player Golf Academy we have identified 5 essential elements of the game. There are many players who get caught in the trap of just working on their swing. To extract your best consider all aspects of the game like the: mental, strategic, physiological, technological and technical. You can get more tips on this from our previous article

Golf tip #2:

Get Coaching

Coaching  is important for players who want to lower their score and play better golf. Like many things in life you can either pay for coaching to improve your game now or you can wait and pay with frustration and lost time. Your coach should be someone you get along who doesn’t want to change everything about you and your game.

Don’t be afraid to try a few different ones until you find the right match. Your coach will develop your knowledge and skill in the game with important fundamentals. However, these fundamentals don’t just apply to the swing. Remember to consider other elements like your mental game and course strategy. This will allow you to combine a good swing with the kind of thoughts that allow you to swing well and play smart golf.

Golf tip #3:

Have fun

Golf is a challenging game that we play in our leisure, so it should be something we enjoy despite the way we score. The more you enjoy the game, the more you will want to play and the better you will become. To play golf that is fun and enjoyable you need to control the focus of your mind and have realistic expectations.

Many players become frustrated with the game after a few bad shots or a few bad rounds. But golf is not an easy game and will always have an up and down nature. Remember that all players hit errant shots and miss their target. The only difference between professional golfers and amateurs is that their misses are smaller. Try to enjoy the other aspects of the game during your round such as the fresh air, time out with friends or the scenery. From this relaxed mindset you may just find that you play better golf too. 

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