How to Think like a golf pro – Interview with Nick Cullen


The life of a professional golfer seems like a dream job for most of us. Getting payed to play golf on manicured courses with the latest equipment is something all golfers would love to do.

However, golf is a competitive game and there are millions of talented golfers around the world competing against each other. This means that only a small percentage of players ever make it and get to live the dream.

To rise above the competition a golfer needs to work hard and have a mental approach that allows them to extract their best.

Find out how in our Q & A interview with the Complete Player Golf team: Liam Warburton (Mental Game CoachDirector of Instruction) chats with Nick Cullen  (Australian Masters Champion / Tour Professional)

We will gain an insight into the life of a PGA Tour player as Liam asks Nick how to think like a golf pro and what it takes for golfers to play their best.

How to Think like a golf pro – Interview with Nick Cullen

> Nick, it must feel pretty awesome to win the Australian Masters and put your name on the trophy with past winners like Greg Norman, Tiger Woods and Adam Scott. Can you describe a few keys to your game that helped you win that week.

>> The 2 biggest things that really helped me win the Australian Masters were trust and process. For one of the first times all year I really trusted my swing & what I’ve been working on. I didn’t think about it on the course because I had the trust that I was swinging it well. My process was fantastic that week as well. I got all the information for each shot, picked how I wanted to execute it and then hit the shot.

The clarity in picking targets & being decisive on the shot I wanted to play was so important. Even when I was coming down the stretch I was able to stay in my process. The only time I felt my heart racing was when I stood on the side of the 18th green before my tap-in.

> What is difficult about being a PGA Tour pro?

>> Lots of travel can be tiring but when you’re not playing well it’s hard to keep trusting in what you’re doing. That’s when you really need to go back to the basics & have great thought processes like what golfers can learn in the mental game program Think Well Play Great

> How do you typically prepare for a big tournament?

>> I usually get to the course early to get familiar with the course layout. The Masters week was a little different because I flew in from the US on the Tuesday and played 9 holes and then had the pro-am on Wednesday. After a round I will often work on a few things in preparation for the next day. During the Masters I putted for over an hour after each round and it made a big difference. It really helped to give me confidence to hole putts and trust my stroke on the weekend under pressure.

> Can you describe the events of a normal tournament week

>> I normally have two practice rounds at the course and try to get lots of sleep to stay fresh. I always start the day with a good breakfast. I find it is best not to wear yourself out with too much practice during tournament week.

> What are the enjoyable aspects of being a Tour professional?

>> Doing something you love every day!

> How important is having the right mind set to winning a tournament and playing your best golf?

>> You can’t play your best golf and win tournaments without it, it’s that simple. There are a lot of talented golfers who are great when the pressure isn’t on, but you need to rely on a great process, have a great attitude and know how to handle your emotions when you’re on the leader-board and coming down the stretch.


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