Jason Day Video – Never say die

Jason Day Never say die

Jason Day had an outstanding year on the PGA Tour in 2015.

It included 5 wins, his first major and a long time ambition of becoming the world’s #1 player.

Watch his motivating and inspirational story in the high quality video production: “Never Say Die – The Jason Day Story”



From the video we can see that Jason Day has a very powerful mind. This has helped him to develop his skills and mold his natural ability into one of the world’s best golfers.

A few of the things that stood out from the video:

  • He is a very determined player
  • He has a hard work ethic. He begun getting up at 5 am so that he could be the first on the range, “I took pride in knowing that I could out work everyone else here”
  • He has a “Never say die” attitude
  • He visualizes situations over and over in his mind to develop confidence and belief
  • He is addicted to the challenge and process of getting better every week

These mental attributes are what separate a good player from a great player and can mean the difference between making the cut and winning golf tournaments.

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