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PGA Tour winners | Adam Scott

PGA Tour Winners Review and Analysis:

Adam Scott racked up his 12th career PGA Tour victory at The Honda Classic and edged out Sergio Garcia by one stroke with great ball striking and solid putting.

The win moved Adam up to No. 9 in the world after T-2 the week before and showed that he is still a player that can contend for the world’s number one position.

“My game has come into a really good spot. We’ve worked really hard to get it there, made some nice progress in all areas, especially the greens. It paid off this week.”

Let’s now take a look at his performance for the week according to the 5 elements of the game as defined by Complete Player Golf. (Technical, Strategic, Mental, Physical and Technological)

The Complete Player Golf PGA Tour Winners review:


Adam Scott has a golf swing that all golfers would love to have. He demonstrated superior ball striking on the tricky PGA National Resort and Spa, Champions course. He averaged 76% Greens in regulation and hit 70% of fairways.

However much talk was given to his new conventional putter and grip since the anchor ban was introduced at the start of the season.

Adam putted very well with 17 Birdies and 1 Eagle. He commented that, he “feels really comfortable” on the greens. He accredited the new grip to a recommendation from fellow Australian Tour Professional Brett Rumford. The grip has a similar philosophy to a long putter and keeps all his angles in check.

Quick tip: Get comfortable with your swing changes through practice so you don’t have to think about them when you play.


Adam played aggressive golf when he had the occasion and smart golf when required. He laid up on the 72nd, Par 5 leaving an easy wedge and 2 putt for the victory. He knew the final round was going to be a tough round and stuck to his game plan. “Today I did a good job of resetting my expectations and not thinking I needed -15 to win”.

He commented that his Birdie on the first hole was “very calming”. “It was good to get off to a good start”. The first hole can often be unsettling for many players. But if you can begin steadily it can have a settling effect that will help you relax and get into your round.

Quick tip: Don’t always hit Driver off the first tee. Use a club to get the ball in play and build momentum into your round.


During Scott’s post round interview it was clear that he used his strong mental game to get the win. “I’ve got a lot of good experiences to draw on and that’s what I try to do with every part of my game”.

He used mental imagery to help him hit a great 7 iron close on the water covered Par 3 – 17th (71st hole). “You have to block out the nonsense and focus.” “I drew on the success I had there and hit a really good shot.”

On interesting comment that all golfers should take note of was he was discussing the reactive nature of golf. “You can’t be too reactive to what happens on the golf course”. Don’t change everything about your swing after one bad hole or even one bad week. Some days and some weeks you are just a little off so it pays to be patient. “It’s amazing how quickly things can turn around in a couple of weeks”.

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Adam is in great physical shape and has a full time fitness routine. He didn’t comment much on this side of the game but it was interesting how he said he slept much better on Saturday night since he had a share of the lead rather than the outright lead. The next step for Adam is maintaining everything as he approaches The Masters. “The key for me now is managing myself for this next stretch of golf”.

Quick Tip: Maintaining energy for 18 holes of golf is important. Be sure to drink plenty of water, eat healthy snacks on the course and get a good sleep the night before.



The biggest change in the bag for the 35-year-old Australian star is his putter, which is a Scotty Cameron prototype that was developed closely with Scott’s input. The conventional flatstick, is called a Rev X10 and it is evident that he is getting very comfortable with it now judging by the number of putts he made and how many brushed the edge of the cup.

Quick Tip: Get fitted for your equipment. Select clubs and putters that suit your individual requirements.
Adam Scott Putter





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