PGA Tour winners analysis – Jason Day

Jason Day winners interview

Following his victory at the 2015 Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines Golf Course, Jason Day talks about his third win on the PGA Tour.

His news conference gives an excellent insight into the mind of PGA Tour winners and what it takes to compete and win at the highest level. We can all learn a few things from his answers and apply them to our own game.

This week we will analyse Jason’s responses and see where they fit into the 5 essential elements of the game.


Jason made quite a few references to his physical state and health during the interview. During the 2014 season he had a thumb injury that caused him to miss quite a few months of play. He commented that, “It feels like it’s going to be a good year if I stay healthy”.

He worked very hard in the off season and gave special attention to rehabilitating his thumb and back despite the challenges of juggling a young family. He explained that he was very satisfied that the hard work and re-dedication to his game was all already beginning to pay off.

“I don’t want to go through life thinking what if I worked a little bit harder”

During the interview he also made a reference to his diet when he said, “I try to stay on top of the things I can control whether its diet or short game and try to improve them every week”


> Your physical state and health his vital to playing good golf. Try to strengthen and stretch the key muscle groups involved in the swing to stay healthy.

> Before your round consume a healthy and balanced meal to maintain energy.

> While on the course, consume healthy snacks and drink plenty of water to help your body perform at its best.


During Jason Day’s press conference, his answers reflected the importance of his mental approach. We could hear the determination and desire to win the tournament in his replies. This season, his goal is to reach the world number #1 position. “I’m not happy with second place – I want to win”.

Jason mentioned that he is not setting other goals for the year. He is more focused on the process of the game and his commitment to becoming his best. “I’m very motivated to get to number 1 as long as I give 100% everyday” – “The motivation comes from within, the only goal I have is to give 100% everyday.”

It was very interesting how he used visualization to program his mind and body with his goal of winning the tournament.

“I really wanted this win! I visualized myself winning and holding the trophy before the week. I tried to visualize it over and over… That’s what I did in the match play and that is what I did this week so obviously that tells me that I need to do that a lot more.”

Jason also has belief in his ability to perform under pressure. He said, “I thrive in stressful conditions”.  It is clear that he enjoys the challenge of tough layouts and embraces the challenges rather than resisting them. This mentality and self belief would also explain his strong performances in the Majors each year.

He learned valuable lessons a few years ago when he led the Masters and said, ” I didn’t know how to handle it (the lead), I didn’t know what to do – how to go through the process to calm myself down and focus on what I needed to do to get the ball in the hole.”

He later discussed that he learned from his mistakes at Augusta and can now better manage his emotions when the pressure is on. “I was trying to calm myself down because my heart was going 100 miles and hour”- “The only way to learn from your experience is to get in the hunt (and) experience the loss”.


> To play well and succeed you need to have a burning desire to reach your goal. If you are a weekend golfer be determined to reach the next level of your game

> Visualization is a powerful technique that programs your mind and body with what you want to accomplish. Use it to improve your swing or to program your mind with a goal

> To play your best it is important that your beliefs about yourself as a player align with what you want to achieve and experience on the golf course

> Embrace the challenges of the game and be supportive of yourself while you play

> Learn from your experiences and try to relax to manage your emotional state when the pressure is on

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[Jason didn’t make any direct references to his swing during the interview]


Jason’s course strategy was an important element to his win. On the par 5 18th he decided to go for the green in two. He knew the club he selected would land him long over the back and he was hoping for a good lie. However he got a difficult lie and his chip went through the green and he was fortunate to stay out of the water.

“When you win golf tournaments you have to have a bit of luck”

 He made his par to get into a 4 way playoff. During the playoff he applied his lesson from regulation play and decided to lay up on the side of the green. This left him a straight forward chip for a tap in birdie to continue the playoff with J.B Holmes.


> Always have a plan for the hole and be willing to re-adjust depending on your position and the way you are playing that day

> Know where is the best place to miss and play to your strengths


[Jason didn’t make any direct references to his equipment during the interview]

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Learn how to think like a pro and play smart golf with the Think Well Play Great eBook ($20 value)

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