Pre Round Golf Tips – Five Things to do Before Every Round

Pre round Golf Tips

Pre round Golf Tips :

As golfers we all want to consistently perform at our best. However, many players have an irregular pre round golf routine that fails to prepare their mind and body for competition play.

If you arrive late, take a few practice swings and only have a couple of putts you will rarely start well and play your best. A good pre round golf warm up starts well before you arrive at the course and it will help to ensure you play the kind of golf you are capable of.

“A consistent pre round golf warm up = more consistent performance”

Here are our best pre round golf tips:

1) Mentally prepare for your round and plan your warm up on the way to the course:
Your warm up should begin before you arrive. While you drive or walk to the course, release ALL expectations about how you want to play or score. Instead focus on process goals like your pre-shot routine that are within your influence.

Next think about the course conditions and also the way you have been playing lately. This will help you decide on how you should spend your time so that you can plan a constructive warm up. (see below for details about our pre round golf audio)

2) Accomplish the 3 pre-round warm-up goals:
a) Do a few stretches and warm up exercises to improve your mobility and energize your body. This is important and only takes a few minutes
b) Get a feel for the course conditions, like the speed of the greens and the firmness of the sand in the bunkers
c) If possible, test both your long game and short game so that you find out how things are feeling and what your strengths are for the day

3) Simulate competition play:
If you have time for a range session, spend the first half getting warm. The second half should be dedicated to course simulation, e.g changing clubs and selecting a new target after each shot. Remember, you don’t want to take a technical or practice mind set to the first tee. Your focus should be more about your target and what you want to accomplish.

4) Spend two thirds of your warm up on your short game:
Over half of your score will come from your short game. To reflect this importance, be sure to spend enough time chipping, pitching, putting and hitting bunker shots. Spend time getting the speed of the greens with long putts and then build your confidence by sinking short putts before you leave.

5) Arrive early for your tee time:
You don’t want to rush to the first tee. Instead, aim to arrive a few minutes before your tee time so that you can compose yourself and start your round in a relaxed mindset.

This type of preparation takes a little bit more time but it will help to ensure you play well and have an enjoyable day.

If you feel like there is never enough time to properly warm up then you might be interested in our pre round golf audio that you can listen to while you drive to the course…

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