The easy way to play better golf

Easy way to play better golf tips

Do you need an easy way to play better golf?

If so then you will be interested in this article and the resources available for download.

You will probably agree that golf is more enjoyable when you score well.

However, this can be challenging to accomplish if you don’t get to practice or play as often as you would like

My name is Liam Warburton and I’m the Mental Game Coach and Director of Instruction at Complete Player Golf.

If you are reading this article then I gather you love playing golf but you want to play better on a more consistent basis.

The problem is that you can probably relate to one of the following:

  • You have busy weekends that make regular golf difficult
  • You have rushed warm-ups and often go to the first tee unprepared
  • You have children or grand children, which prevent you from playing
  • You work full time and can only play some weekends

The challenging nature of the game means that scoring well is difficult with these kinds of time constraints.

But is there a time efficient way that will help you score well and play better golf?

The answer is yes…

Improvement requires some sort of change and in golf this can mean:

  • changing your swing
  • becoming more flexible
  • getting better clubs
  • becoming stronger
  • more practice

All of these things will help you play better golf, but the problem is that they require more time and effort.

However, there is another way that will also allow you to score well and play better golf.

It is also easier and faster to accomplish than the list above.

The Easy Way to Play Better Golf

Thinking like a professional golfer and playing smart golf is important for all golfers and especially for those who don’t play or practice very often.

It doesn’t require any big changes and can be accomplished by asking better questions and changing the focus of your mind.

“The secret to scoring well is to build momentum into your round and to keep big numbers off of your score card”


Most big numbers are the result of a series of bad decisions, which get compounded on a hole. If you can eliminate 6’s, 7’s and 8’s your scorecard you will always look better.

This can be accomplished when you play smart golf and think like a professional player. When you use this approach it allows you to eliminate simple mistakes, build good momentum and have more time to settle into your round and find your swing.

This is an important part of scoring well and shooting better scores.

That is why myself and Australian Masters Champion, Nick Cullen created:

Think Well Play GreatHow to play better golf and lower your handicap by thinking like a pro

You can get the first lesson (100% free) with all the bonuses below:


Learn how to think like a pro and play smart golf with the Think Well Play Great eBook ($20 value)

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Think Well Play Great was designed for golfers who have time constraints on their golf but still want to score well and take their game to the next level.

It is based on the world’s best golfers and helps golfers of all abilities extract their true potential by teaching them how to eliminate mental interference by thinking like a professional golfer.

The 6 lesson program has a unique format that ensures it is and easy to learn and apply to your game.

It includes:

  • A professionally designed, full color PDF manual: containing the 6 essential mental game lessons
  • Lesson summaries: that have all the essential information. Read them in minutes and know how to eliminate mental interference and think like a pro
  • A pre-round golf audio: that gets you ready for your round. Simply press ‘Play’ as you drive to the course and you will become mentally prepared and ready for the day
  • The email support program: that sends you summaries, motivation and key point reminders straight to your inbox each week


Try this: To give you an example of the power of thinking like a pro, here is one of the techniques from the first lesson.

One of the topics in the first lesson is about how to analyze and program a shot using both the analytical and athletic parts of your brain.

It teaches you how to develop a routine that allows you to become more consistent and better prepared for each shot.

One of the best ways to analyze a shot is to pretend you have a Caddy standing next to you. With your “Caddy” ask yourself a few questions to help decide what to do.

Ask questions like:

  1. What is the smart shot to play here?
  2. Where exactly do I want the ball to finish?
  3. What shot do I feel comfortable with?

This doesn’t take long. The conversation you have with yourself and “Caddy” will help you get clear on what is the best shot to play. It will also help program your mind and body with the shot.

It can easily save you 5 shots per round that normally come from bad decision making and in-proper programming.

This is just a taste of what thinking like a pro can do for your game.

It is the easy way to play better golf because it doesn’t involve any big changes or take much time to implement.

It is perfect for golfers who have time constraints and who don’t get to practice and play as much as they would like.

Download the first lesson and you will receive: (100% free) 

  • The first lesson in a full color, professionally designed PDF (perfect for iPad’s, Smartphones, PC, Mac & Tablets)
  • Pre-round audio tracks to listen to on the way to the course
  • Plus 1 week of the email support program

Golf is so much more enjoyable when you score well and I am confident you will enjoy the precious time you have on the course even more when you apply this approach.


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