Learn how to think like a pro and play smart golf with the Think Well Play Great eBook ($20 value)

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The ‘Think Well Play Great’ eBook will help you eliminate the mental interference that damages your swing and is ideal for keen and busy golfers.

Based on the mental traits of PGA Tour winners, you will develop a strong mental game so that you play your best golf.

You will also receive time saving features and a mobile app that has question support.

It’s ideal for golfers who:

  • Are making swing changes and have too many swing thoughts
  • Want to reach a goal handicap
  • Struggle to take their range game to the course
  • Neglect their mental game
  • Want a fast way to improve

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1) The eBook (PDF): Activate the athletic side of your brain and become more consistent by developing a routine like a pro. (Perfect for iPad’s, tablets, PC)

2) The Lesson summary: Containing all the essential information to save you time and effort

3)  Email support: One week of motivation, summaries and reminders sent to your inbox

4) Golf coaching App: Free coaching and personal feedback using the mobile app Edufii

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  • David Baker

    A friend recommended Think Well Play Great to me and said it has been very helpful. I’m looking forward to trying it.

  • Golfguru

    Looks good!!

  • Peter

    Looking forward to this training after a recommendation from my golf club