There are 5 elements that form a complete player and the two most neglected are the Mental and Strategic. If your game is incomplete it will always prevent you from playing better golf…

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Your success in golf will never exceed the strength of you mental game…

Mental interference prevents you from swinging the club in the way you have learned and prevents you from playing the kind of golf that you are capable of.

That’s why you need to think like a pro and play smart golf!

It is perhaps the easiest and fastest way to improve your game and doesn’t require any big changes.

You could easily save 5 shots per round with a better mental approach

If you have read other mental game instruction you probably found:

  • You read it and soon forgot it so nothing changed
  • It didn't integrate other elements of the game
  • It's wasn't clear on HOW to apply the lessons to your game
  • There was no encouragement, motivation or support
Think well play great

INTRODUCING Think Well Play Great

Think Well Play Great is an advanced mental game program designed to eliminate mental interference so that you play your best golf

  • You will learn how to think like pro with 6 lessons based on PGA Tour winners
  • It is easy to read, learn and apply to ensure you turn your knowledge into lower scores
  • Created by Mental Game Expert Liam Warburton and Australian Masters Champion Nick Cullen
  • Receive reminders and encouragement with email support and a private members group
  • Improve your game without buying new equipment or changing your swing

Take an inside look at think well play great


  • How to approach each shot like a PGA Tour player
  • How to become a more consistent golfer
  • How to eliminate mental interference
  • How to best focus your mind and perform at your best
  • How to reduce frustration
  • How to handle pressure like a Tour player
  • How to play in your zone based on your golf DNA
  • How to extract your true golf potential
  • How to select goals that don’t interfere with your score
  • How to develop confidence and self-belief
  • How to create a Player image that allows better golf
  • How to get maximum reward for minimum effort

think well play great support features

  • Preround audio


    while you drive to the course to think like a PRO. Our pre-round audio will save you time and get you in the right mind set for your round

  • Think Well Play Great


    become more consistent, remove mental obstacles & lower your handicap with Think Well Play Great’s 6 Mental Game lessons


    with Think Well Play Great’s easy to consume format. Spend more time playing and less time reading with our convenient summaries & tips


    with our email support program. You will receive tips, summaries & encouragement in your inbox each week. Plus ask questions anytime

Our NO Risk – 110% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee


When you begin the program it comes with a 30 day 110% Satisfaction Guarantee…

If you don’t play better golf or enjoy the program we will add 10% to your refund for the inconvenience

Get rewarded for sales that come from your referral

Recommend Think Well Play Great and pass on your unique referral code to your golf buddies to receive golf retail vouchers

Receive a $20 golf voucher for one referral sale and a $50 golf voucher for two referral sales of either the Birdie or Eagle program:

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What other golfers are saying

"A must have for keen players!"

I purchased the Eagle program and have lowered my handicap by 4 strokes over the last 3 months. I listen to the pre-round audio in the car before my round to remember key mental game points. I find it gets me in the right frame of mind for competition play before I arrive at the course. The lessons have a lot of unique content that can apply to golfers of all levels. I had a 1-on-1 coaching session with Liam. It was was very useful and he helped me apply a few important fundamentals to my game.
Handicap before: 20 | Handicap after: 16

Sarah Blake

Victoria, Australia

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"You will play better!"

The 6 essential mental game lessons from Think Well Play Great have important fundamentals, tips and strategies that all golfers can use. They have made a big difference to my game and I enjoyed the mental game lessons. I’m certainly playing more consistent golf since completing the program and have lowered my handicap. I’m shooting in the mid to low 80’s regularly and I’m confident it can do the same for other golfers. Don’t hesitate, you will play better.
Handicap before: 16 | Handicap after: 12

Bill Hinton

Florida, U.S.A

Your purchase also contributes towards junior development programs


If you’re serious about playing better golf, then this program is great value. It has been more beneficial to my game than my new Driver. I found out that I was making mental game errors that were hurting my score each week. The information and support program helped me remember and apply the key points on the course. Since finishing the program I have reduced a lot of the mental noise that was interfering with my swing and I have finally gotten to single figures!
Handicap before: 11 Handicap after: 9

Simon Hall

Woking, England

Your purchase also contributes towards junior development programs


The lowest my handicap had ever been was 7 because I don’t have time to practice like a pro. That was until a friend recommended Think Well Play Great , to help me ‘think’ like a pro. The changes have been fast and easy to apply to my game and I have eliminated a lot of the mental mistakes that cost me shots each round. I’m really enjoying my golf at the moment and recently shot my best round of 71
Handicap before: 7 Handicap after: 4

Michael Thompson

Vancouver, Canada

Your purchase also contributes towards junior development programs

"My game was incomplete…"

I play every week and was stuck on the same handicap for years. Think Well Play Great was very helpful in helping me improve my mental game and develop a more complete approach. The easy easy-to-read lessons, email reminders and the pre-round audio taught me what I need to do to play my best golf. I’m pretty happy to have dropped my handicap from 14 down to 11 over the summer. I feel more relaxed on the course and I look forward to reaching single figures soon.
Handicap before: 14 | Handicap after: 11

Peter Schultz

Sydney, Australia

Your purchase also contributes towards junior development programs

Need more information? Read our F.A.Q’s

Think Well Play Great is a powerful Mental Game Training Program because it is designed in a way that allows you to apply each lesson and shoot lower scores…


It contains 100’s of mental game tips and strategies presented in a unique format that ensures you read, learn and apply the information to your game.

The lessons are based on the world’s best golfers and are presented in a colourful layout with condensed lesson summaries, checklists, weekly email support and the pre-round golf audio to ensure you remember the key points before you play

If you have a discount voucher or referral code for Think Well Play Great you can enter it on the check out page after you have selected your program format.

The discount will then automatically be applied and you can proceed by selecting your payment method.

We are confident that Think Well Play Great will strengthen your mental game so that you play better and more enjoyable golf.

Simply try it out for 30 days and if you are not completely satisfied send an email to: and we will provide you with a prompt 110% refund just for the inconvenience of trying Think Well Play Great.

The program files come in a full colour, high definition adobe acrobat PDF. The design is perfect to read on: IPads, Tablets, Smart Phones and computers

The MP3 audio files are an easy addition to any Smart phone or MP3 player.


Only the Eagle Program will receive a package in the mail. We aim to ship within 24 hours of receiving your order during business hours. Your order will be shipped via express post with our couriers.

Please allow up to 5-7 days for your order to arrive before contacting Complete Player Golf. Most orders will arrive within a week depending on your location.

Until your package arrives, you can begin Think Well Play Great by reading the Birdie version.

That depends on how much support you would like? The programs are ordered so that it gets easier to learn and apply the information to help you play better:

The PAR program delivers the 6-essential mental game lessons in a colorful and engaging PDF plus:

  • Access to our private Facebook golf community with other positive and supportive golfers to ask questions at anytime.
  • Receive a $20 golf voucher for one referral sale and a $50 golf voucher for every two referral sales.

The BIRDIE program format delivers the 6-essential mental game lessons in a colorful and engaging PDF
(Easy and convenient to read on a Smart phone, iPad (tablet) or PC and is delivered instantly) PLUS:

  • The pre-round golf audio
  • Time saving Lesson Summaries
  • An Email Support Program that provides weekly motivation, reminders, tips and summaries with each lesson.
  • Access to our private Facebook golf community with other positive and supportive golfers to ask questions at anytime.
  • Receive a $20 golf voucher for one referral sale and a $50 golf voucher for every two referral sales.

The EAGLE program is a Limited Edition version for golfers who want it all. It comes with all the benefits of the Birdie program PLUS:

  • A high quality, hard bound manual (Autographed)
  • Specialized referral cards to help you receive golf vouchers on the referral program
  • A Complete Player Golf gift pack (includes a deluxe golf towel and zip lock tee pack)
  • Express shipping (for select countries)
  • A bonus 40 minute 1 on 1 consultation with Mental Game Coach Liam Warburton (Available by phone or Skype)

Have another question?

Think well play great


Begin a free 1 week trial today. You will receive the first essential mental game lesson and 1 week of the email support program…

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The mind messes up more shots than the body

Tommy Bolt

Success in golf depends a lot less on strength of body than upon strength of mind and character

Arnold Palmer

After you get the basics down, it’s all mental

Ken Venturi

You must have the ability to control your mind and your heart. The golf swing is really a small part

Billy Casper

Golf is 80% mental, 10% ability, 10% luck

Jack Nicklaus

Eliminate mental interference to play your best

I work hard on my mental approach

Jason Day

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Legal Disclaimer: What is a typical result? Unfortunately many people never take action with the products they buy, so most of the time nothing changes. In this program we have made every effort to help you get results. To ensure you get the results you desire, you must also do your part and follow the program as advised. The customer reviews on this website are not typical and are examples of our best results. They are people who followed the program and applied the information. We have provided the knowledge and the motivation but you must provide the action. Together we can make it happen!